Which are the Most Common Types of Doors

Which are the Most Common Types of Doors

Doors play an essential role in the general appearance of your property, whether commercial or residential. A door acts as a safety and security barrier and impacts the building’s aesthetics significantly. 

Doors have existed for centuries, and their vast availability makes it hard to choose the best design. Doors are made using different materials like aluminum, wood, and glass, and below we discuss the most common door designs.

Hinged Doors 

Hinged doors are among the most common door designs in offices, homes, etc.  As the name suggests, hinged doors hang from a collection of brackets that use pins. These pins allow the door to open and close easily, and light doors require two pins only. 

Pocket Doors 

Pocket doors are used to separate spaces in most homes, and they function like sliding doors; the only difference is they glide on the wall. This feature allows homeowners to separate their interior space while maximizing on space. 

Pocket doors are commonly used in pantry spaces, dining rooms, among other areas in older homes. Pocket doors can be double or single, mainly made using wood. 

Dutch Doors

Dutch doors are commonly found in farm homes and are popular options in kitchens. The Dutch door design has a separate bottom and top design that can be latched to create one door. 

Bifold Doors 

Bifold doors are common in passageways and closet openings in casual living areas. These doors are a combination of hinges that attach two thinner doors. 

How to Choose a Door Installation Company 

Installing a new door is tedious, so you need an outstanding door installation service for the best results. Every tiny blunder significantly affects the dependability and quality of your door, and below we discuss how to choose the best door installation company. 

Check Your Options 

Homeowners should evaluate their options deeply, especially if they are unsure of what they want. It is always advisable to check a range of alternatives, even if you already have a specific idea for the best result. 

Homeowners can choose from the various options to achieve their desired requirements. Remember, it is easier to decide with different options, and you can contact an expert for the best guidance.

Check Reviews 

Another factor to consider before choosing your preferred door installation company is their online reviews. Inquiring about your preferred company’s portfolio is among the best ways to know whether they fit the job. 

A confident door installation company will not hesitate to answer these questions and provide a list of past clients for your approval. 

Consider the Local Codes 

Choosing a local door installation company is always advisable, as you will be informed about the sales staff using local codes. Remember, most local homes must adhere to local standards, and they can only be explained by a competent door installation company.

Final Thoughts 

Doors play a key role in your property’s aesthetics, so you should take enough time to choose the best installation company. The above article has explained the most common types of doors, and more information is available online.