What is the ideal house layout?

What is the ideal house layout?

As per vaastu, an ideal house layout is as given below:

Water Resources:

· Water source should be preferably placed in the north or north-east.

· East and western sides can be considered as an alternative if water is found on those sides.

· The bore should be dug on the north-east corner away from the line joining the corners of the plot and the building. It can also be dug in the north side of the plot.

· Overhead tanks should be located on the south-west corner of the building.

Positioning of main door:

· Location of the main door/entrance changes depending on the direction its facing.

· To decide the location of the main door, divide the wall facing the proposed direction of the main entrance into 9 equal parts.

· For east facing, the position of the door should be in 2nd, 3rd & 4th part from north side. Similarly, for north facing, it shall be in 3rd, 4th & 5th part from west; for south facing, it shall be in the 4th part from east and for west facing, it shall be in 4th & 5th part from south.

· The doors and windows should be in even numbers e.g. 2, 4, 6, 8 etc. and should not end with a zero i.e. like 10. Doors and windows will have to be counted separately.

Living room:

· The living room should be in the north-east for north and east facing houses, in the north-west for houses facing west. For houses facing south, it may be in the south-east.

· As far as possible, exposed beams should be avoided. If unavoidable, avoid sitting close to or under the beam.

Master bedroom:

· The master bedroom should be located in the south-west of the building, which should be occupied by the master of the house (head of the family).

· In case of a multi-storied building, the head of the family should occupy the south-west corner room on the upper floor.

· Positioning of the head for adults should be south, positioning of the head in the west is least preferable. It should never be towards the north.

· Avoid placing beds under beams in any room

· Wardrobes can be fixed to the south and west walls. Preferably located in the north-west or south-west corners.

· Safe containing cash & jewellery should be located in the south-west corner in such a way that the door opens towards north.

Children’s room/Guest room:

· Children’s bedroom can be in the west, north or east.

· The study table should be located either at the north or east walls.

· The guest room should be located towards the north-west.


· The kitchen should preferably be located in the south-east direction.

· The second option for the kitchen is the north-west corner.

· Microwave ovens and gas stoves should be placed towards the south-east corner.

· The sink for washing should be in the north-east corner of the kitchen.

Dining room:

· Dining room can be located in the east, west or south.

· Dining room can be independent or an extension in the kitchen.

Pooja room:

· The pooja room should be in the north, east, and north-east direction of the house.


· Toilets should never be in the north-east corner of the building. Also, south-west corner has to be avoided.

· They should preferably be located in the north-west and the second alternative should be in the south-east of the building or the room.

· It can also be located in the east, north, west and south.


· Balconies should be located in the north-east corner, the western side of the north-west corner and on the southern side it shall be in south-east corner.