Key Features That Make Portable Traffic Lights For Hire Efficient

Key Features That Make Portable Traffic Lights For Hire Efficient

A portable traffic light for hire may be handy in various situations, such as sporting events, concerts, and construction zones. portable traffic lights for hire come in two sizes, the smaller ones about two feet high and the larger ones about four feet high. The small size is more popular because it can be placed on any table or bench. The more significant, heavier type would require a particular mounting device to hold it up and steady at an appropriate level.

Below are some of the key features.

1. High visibility LED signaling

They consist of three light bars, each consisting of three LEDs. The LEDs are arranged in a triangular formation, as shown below.

2. Red light has an automatic flashing feature

This is the most effective way to stop traffic in one direction from approaching from either direction. This feature can be activated manually or automatically by using a switch at the base of the unit, producing a two-second burst that appears to extend to about 20 feet.

3. Blinking red lights trigger warning signs and traffic signals

This is not for pedestrian use but could be used for other situations

4. Blinking & steady white flashing: can be used as a warning signal.

Blinking steady white flashing can help to warn drivers to shift gear down to a lower gear when going downhill below 10MPH.

5. Requires 12V power supply

It requires a 12 Volt DC power supply and draws less than 1 amp at all operating modes. It can be fitted with a cigarette lighter plug or a standard off-board power connector, as shown below;

6. Standard off-board power connector

This ensures that the portable traffic lights for hire can be mounted on various stands.

7. LED lights indicate the working status

There is one LED light for each direction of the traffic light. These are located at the top of the triangular formation;

8. Lightweight structure & mounting device for ease of handling

They are lightweight and can be easily moved from one location to another and mounted onto any table or bench.

9. Provision for audible alarm

This feature is only available on the unit with three light bars. This can be activated using a switch, an alarm clock, or a timer to produce an audible notification of the hazard the units are intended to prevent.

10. LCD for ease of programming

The LCD can be used to program, set up, and diagnose faults. This can also be used to select the desired mode of operation, such as auto delay or manual delay, and control the auto flashing or manual flashing.


In conclusion, portable traffic lights for hire can be the best alternative of traffic lights probably because of their portability and because they can be used in different sites. I think you should try one today.